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Company team

BiPOM Electronics, Inc.

The One Source for All Your Microcontroller Needs

MINI-MAX/ARM9260-E BiPOM Electronics Inc., founded in 1984, is the leading provider of Microcontrollers for:

  • Services: Design, development, consulting and manufacturing services
  • Products: Hardware, Boards, Development Systems and Programming support
  • Education: Educational Institutions support

BiPOM Electronics is organized in three distinct, yet highly synergistic business groups:

  • Automation, Robotics, Wireless, Military
  • Energy, Subsea, Downhole, Instrumentation
  • In-depth design and programming support to "fill the gaps", update designs, or provide complete development
  • Extensive experience with a wide range of industries, applications & technologies
  • OEM design, development & manufacturing
  • µController & peripheral system for fast prototyping & programming on live boards
  • 21 Platforms
  • 25+ Microcontroller boards
  • 30+ peripheral boards
  • Best in industry programming support
  • Solderless, fast assembly
  • Robotics
  • Wireless
  • In stock-immediate shipment
  • Made in the USA
  • Teaching, development and training kits
  • 50+ major projects online-free download
  • Free application guides
  • Teaching aids, instructor manuals
  • Industry leading technical support
  • Detailed Microcontroller Selection Guide
  • Used in 100+ Universities, Technical Schools and High School technical classes world wide
  • Ideal for RC and Robotics Clubs